Jun 29, 2005

On being book tagged...

A lot of the bloggers I watch (and more from who they watch) are being book tagged. I envy all those people who are book tagged, as they are supposedly, the "intellectual" types with thick reading glasses and lots of absent-mindedness.

Well, so what if I am not tagged - i will list my favorite 5 anyway. On second (and third and fifth) thoughts- no, i will not. For those of you who are guessing - Oh she doesn't have anything interesting to share - let me tell you, you are so right!

As a child, inspired by the Bajaj bulbs and tubes ad, "Jab main chota ladka tha, badi shararath kartha tha, meri chori pakdi jaathi" where the kid reads books under the covers in his bed, I would attempt to read with a torchlight. Appa came up on me, one fine night and said "You shouldn't be reading with a torch light and with the book so close to your eyes. It will ruin your eyesight." And he would switch on the tube light (don't remember if it was Bajaj) and let me read till as long as I wanted. Yes. Just like in the ad. But what a dampener that was! I used to revel in the thought that I was doing something deliciously sinful by reading under covers and Appa coming and turning on the light and asking me to read in the open, was such an anti-climax.

That took out all the fun from reading. And then, I was the kind who would doze off reading a book - not that the book was not interesting, it was just that i was not terribly interested in it. And in order to keep myself awake, in the desperate attempt to make a count of 5 in case i was ever book tagged, I would get some noruku-theeni (short eats) to eat. And that resulted in me having a nice and rotund girth. But i can now say, I have atleast 5 books under my belt!

But hey, what the heck - I have read more than 5 books and they are not school text books or manuals on how to operate the vacuum cleaner et al !


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