Aug 11, 2012

An encounter with the past

After 22 years, I visited myself in BHEL. Met me at my school, saw a lot of changes in me and in my school. Met all my friends and tried to connect my past self to their past selves. It is an exciting experience.

Its like a time warp except that you have knowledge of the experiences not being real since we have seen/ are seeing a different reality. You know it is from memory. We laughed at ourselves and our antics back then and enjoyed the experience of recounting the past - dispassionately, non judgementally, with no regrets or sadness, except what the passage of time carries with it. Some of us could see how we have grown - the inherent tendencies, I think, showed even back then although our ability to perceive it was not as keen as it is now.Who cared!

We were also quite content with going back to the present. With promises of going back to the past, in the future! We also tried to effect a change in the future of some others! Complex - isnt it?


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