Oct 10, 2011

Why are weekends not weekends anymore...?

Back in the US, Friday evening is the best time of the week. Why? Cause it signifies the start of the weekend. The next 48 + hrs are completely yours to do as you wish. Ofcourse, you have the regular kid's classes, the grocery shopping, the birthday parties etc to do. But somehow, you physically and mentally unwind. It is the end of the week! A halt to your regular routines, do something different or nothing. Something that will be / can be done only on the 'weekend'.

In Chennai, Friday evening comes and goes. And there is no sign of a weekend. Come Saturday, I still have to do the regular chores that I do everyday - clean the house, wash clothes, dishes etc. In fact, I do these and the weekend things like kid's classes, grocery shopping, birthday parties...it is exhausting!! There is no end to the week - no different routine. You just dont go to 'work' - well, not all days atleast. A week doesnt end, it just keeps flowing into another. There is no halting and re-starting. It just continues....

Tired. Very tired...


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