Oct 10, 2011

Why are weekends not weekends anymore...?

Back in the US, Friday evening is the best time of the week. Why? Cause it signifies the start of the weekend. The next 48 + hrs are completely yours to do as you wish. Ofcourse, you have the regular kid's classes, the grocery shopping, the birthday parties etc to do. But somehow, you physically and mentally unwind. It is the end of the week! A halt to your regular routines, do something different or nothing. Something that will be / can be done only on the 'weekend'.

In Chennai, Friday evening comes and goes. And there is no sign of a weekend. Come Saturday, I still have to do the regular chores that I do everyday - clean the house, wash clothes, dishes etc. In fact, I do these and the weekend things like kid's classes, grocery shopping, birthday parties...it is exhausting!! There is no end to the week - no different routine. You just dont go to 'work' - well, not all days atleast. A week doesnt end, it just keeps flowing into another. There is no halting and re-starting. It just continues....

Tired. Very tired...

Oct 1, 2011

Someday I'd like to paint my own God

I've been thinking about how many different selves of ours we carry around. First, there is the physical self, the emotional self, the intellectual self, the spiritual self. And as if that is not enough, we now introduced this new projection of these different selves in the internet - my avatar on FB, my avatar on Linkedin, my avatar on Orkut, my avatar on this blog and so many more! Sometimes, I wonder if all these alternate selves are simply a way to discover our true self. Or is it the freedom to exercise what I cannot exercise in another form. For example, on Linkedin, I can't be as candid as I am in FB or this weblog.

Whatever it is, it is there - the need to create the avatars and the avatars themselves. Each one, supposedly providing an anonymity from the other. However, all of these avatars and the need to create the avatars are connected through Me. "I" know that all these avatars are my creations. My consciousness to express myself from which stemmed these different avatars.

That is the essence of Vedanta. Our physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual selves are but expressions of a Higher consciousness that connects "ALL" of us. Understanding and realising that, will allow us to see that Higher consciousness in everyone! Nothing matters anymore then.

Now, I want to express all these different forms of myself through paint...I want to paint my physical form, my emotional form, my intellectual form and my spiritual form. I want to create my own God. Adding to the growing number of the 33 crores of Gods that already exist. So now you understand.....my paintings are not any greater than yours.

I smile at my own self...took me this long to realise this well enough to be able to express it on my own! Mooda mathe!! Now, where did I see the tutorial for self portraits?!