Sep 28, 2011

Life in India - the first few months

I am back again after a long time! Move back to India in Mar 2011. And a lot of friends have asked me to write about my experiences here. I can't necessarily guide anyone but can make observations that may be useful.
Overall, I find myself complaining, comparing, more complaining, reasoning and accepting in that order. And that cycle repeats with every encounter and with each stage lasting varying lengths of time depending on the situation. In the meantime, I evolved my philosophical self - that has added another dimension to all this adjustment.
The good thing and bad thing about this is - I get to compare the work and non-work aspects of life here due to first hand experiences. Good about it is - it is first hand experience, bad about it is - it is that much harder to adjust in all spheres. At the end of the day, there is a peace - the peace that one has when one is close to their final destination. So look out for more.


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