Feb 13, 2009

Ode to Indian temples

Here's picture of a Medieval temple (about 12 Century AD). It is called the Saas Bahu temple because it has two shrines - one large and more ornate than the other. I guess it is left to the imagination of the visitor to guess which one is representing who! The temple itself was in the style of the Sun temple in Konarak. Beautiful detail and very serene surroundings. It is in a little town called Nagda 12 Km from Udaipur overlooking a lake.

The Indian government tried very hard to explain it in this tablet here. But it appears that they were trying to out date the temple itself - their tablet is hardly readable and is more ruined than the temple! The temple withstood the invasions by Moghul warriors.

Visit it the next time you go to Udaipur. Send me your comments.


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