Oct 28, 2007

The Invocations of the Veena

There is so much that the Veena invokes. Imagine a setting - a large temple, with an open courtyard in the center. And the deity in the sannithanam, barely visible since it is an old temple with little ventilation in the sannithanam. There is one in Salem near my Patti's house. Amabalvanaswamy koil. And the Veena is being played facing the deity. Erudite scholars all around, well versed in Vedas, in the culture of India, eons of wisdom reflected in every word they utter. Yet, surrounded by poverty - not because they cannot earn, but because they have such strong ideals that they find hard to let go of. And the humility derived from it...and the bhakthi that it surrenders to.

Amidst such company, the Veena is played. The feeling it invokes in each and every person is that of freedom. Freedom - not in the sense that Poverty is banished but Freedom in the sense that it doesnt matter any more to be labeled poor. Every note emanating from those strings speaks of humility, speaks of freedom so pervasive and so encompassing that there is no room for another thought. Freedom that tells one that it doesnt matter that one is poor, that what matters is one has lived a meaningful life. Every note smells of camphor, pure bhakthi and wisdom. Every note reminds one of their end - how beautiful it would be to reach it listening to those notes.

I decided not to kill this blog.


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