Jun 20, 2005

Writer's block to nothingness and concept of Zero

I am having a writer's block today and there is no way i can circumvent it. I want to say something important and funny but all i can come up with is "nothing". So i decided to write about "Nothing".

I was reading this book called "Zero" and i realised that here is a concept that should NOT require a definition, as it is about nothingness. For grins, try explaining Nothingness to someone...try explaining Zero to someone. How would you describe it? It is a very difficult concept to describe unless you introduce an operation. What i mean is - say you have 2 apples and you eat both of them, what are you left with - Nothing! You have to introduce the mathematical operation "subtraction" (or the non-mathematical concept of 'eating'!) in order to explain "zero" or "nothingness". But the reason, it is difficult to understand, is it cannot be associated with anything...i.e one moment you have this vision of apples, and the next moment, there are no apples...there is nothing...vaccuum...it is kind of defying logic to picture something that does not exist!

We have just proved that the language of "mathematics" (in explaining the operation of subtraction) is the only one that can come closest to explaining what "nothingness" is. What does that tell about us? That where the lexicon of words breaks, the lexicon of numbers begins?


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