Jun 20, 2005

On long walks

I've been trying to go for a nice walk...

Walks filled with golden silhouettes of tall oaks, gentle breeze in the warm grass, and the orange setting sun painting the sky filled with chirps of birds returning home. A walk that would refuel me with the refreshing scent of "mardhani poo" (for those who know Tamil foliage), of the smell of freshly watered plants scorched by the heat of the summer sun, of the smell of the damp barks in dense pathways.

Walks that would let me reflect on what my place is in this vast universe, walks with the humbling, inspiring and beautiful sun, walks where i can lazily kick small stones nudging them along with me, walks where i can spot little changes on familiar paths that speak to me of passing time, walks that make me tired and make me lose myself in sleep, walks that kinder the curiosity of 'being', walks of companionship with Usha, and deep reflections on life.

I wish i could go for just a walk...

I was finally able to go for just a brief walk y'day.


Blogger Charukesi said...

lovely post - a long leisurely walk alone - no better way for thinking and reflecting - and letting off steam too :)
(found you thru my technorati...)
Charukesi http://indsight.org/blog

June 21, 2005 3:46 PM  
Blogger Concentriccircle said...

Charu, thx for stopping by...i like that laid back pic, what lake is that?

June 22, 2005 7:17 PM  

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