Jun 21, 2005

Father's day

This is for Appa. Appa is always there. With a very gentle but constant presence.

My earliest memory of Appa is as a singer. We would visit Salem during the summer vacation and we would invariably make a trip to Karadu. And on popular demand, Appa would sing Seerkazhi's renditions on Murugan. I could literally feel the stones vibrate with his voice. And i can recall Patti (Appa's mother)overcome with tears after the song. And i recall being left with goosebumps.

Appa would ensure that he laid enough stress on education and play. He never prevented us from playing, but he ensured that we studied too. He would spend hours patiently sitting with me into the wee hours of dawn teaching me Hindi grammar or Fractions in Mathematics. And I would be dozing off, wondering when all this was going to end.

During college, I would still go to him to understand concepts of Atomic Theory or Organic Chemistry. And Appa would teach me little acronyms on how to remember chemical equations. I would verify my answers to problems in Engineering Mechanics with him. And he always seemed to have the time for me.

During my first job interview, he accompanied me and we were discussing answers to possible interview questions in the bus. And when his friends congratulated him on my securing a job in a reputed IT firm, i could see the pride in his eyes.

Appa saw me through marriage and was there as a silent and strong presence when I had my child The only thing that has changed in Appa over all these years, is the wrinkles on his face. I can't say anything about his hair because he hasn't any! Appa ... the world is summed up in that one word! And his songs on Muruga still reverberates within me somewhere!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful words.. I am sure your father is proud of u..

ps:thanks for dropping by my blog.. see u around :)

June 22, 2005 12:22 AM  
Blogger Concentriccircle said...

thanks. and thanks for dropping by too.

June 22, 2005 7:16 PM  

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