Jun 28, 2005

End of Survival and beginning of Salvation

I was reading a post by Amit Varma on a Tsunami hit village that he visited and it triggered a thought in me. There are 1500 homeless people taking shelter in a refugee camp and there is not even one toilet. Why? Cause the refugee camp is a Temple.

Sometimes, I am flabberghasted by the extent we take religion too. I strongly believe that religion comes after sanitation. After all, how can you think about lofty ideals like salvation and moksha, if you don't take care of immediate needs of sanitation and lota? Where does survival end, and salvation begin?(literally, right there!) Ofcourse, i am not advocating that we convert all temples into toilets, but don't we need to address this issue within the means available. There may have been other avenues explored, that may have eventually solved the problem. It had to...

All said and done, it is more difficult to get people to use a temple to relieve themselves of burdens other than those of the soul!


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