Jun 21, 2005

Education and People in India

India is a country where education is revered, almost assumed to give Godly powers to those who possess it! In a land where there is so much of, almost oppressive pressure to be educated, why is it that there is only 59% of the population literate (i.e % of people over the age of 15 yrs that can read and write)? [And I am refraining hard from bringing the 'male / female literacy ratio' discussion here.]While in the United States, the literacy is 97%!! (statistics obtained from The World Fact book) Does this mean that education is not as easily affordable in India or there is not enough institutions? Or am i making a fundamental mistake in correlating "education" and "literacy"? Atanu Dey has a interesting post on who pays for education in India.

I was reading this thought provoking post by Gaurav Sabnis on a bhelwaala - Vaibhav. There seems to be a reciprocal relationship between our ability to learn and the learning opportunities we are presented with. The affordability of higher education, in India is probably debatable. However, with so many private and public colleges available, one would think that the price of higher education would come down.

All said and done, the spirit of the people extending out help for Vaibhav is truly laudable and there is something to be said for us as a people - even though we have lower literacy rates!!


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